Hockey Podcast-Feb 2

Esplicito Hockey Podcast-Feb 2

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-Geoff Ward. Why did he not play Rinaldo?
-Were you expecting more from Milan Lucic?
-Are you open to trading a bigger forward piece for a defenceman before the trade deadline?
-Noah Hanafin
The Goalie Fight.


Markstrom contract talks.
Does Quinn Hughes deserve any other awards other than the Calder?.


  1. 00:00
    - Family Guy - Peter Fights Homer Simpson Pt 1
  2. 00:21
    - Lodgepole Kind - Agree or Disagree Intro
  3. 03:30
    Calgary Flames - Calgary Flames - "Everybody saw the same thing - they were good and we weren't." Geoff Ward talks to t
  4. 56:34
    - Ive been trying to get the puck on net a bit more and its been going good for me. Quinn Hughes comments on his curren
  5. 78:21
    - Clash of the Titans (2010) - Release the Kraken! Scene (810) Movieclips

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